Aid Stations

Aid stations will have as a minimum: water, electrolyte drink (Tailwind), Clif Shot Gels and Blocs, fruit, salty foods/chips, sweets (cookies, candy, etc), soft drinks (coke,mtn dew, ginger ale), and ice. Night time aid stations will have soup, hot drinks, and sandwiches.

Download the Aid Station Chart .xlsx document.

Drop bags will be transported to the following aid stations: Sunrise 1/2(23.2 and 79.3 miles - use same drop bag for both passes); Pioneer Mail 1/2 (30.4 and 72.1 miles - use same drop bag for both passes); Red Tail Roost (44.2 miles); *Penny Pines 2 (56.3 miles); and Chambers 2 (87.8 miles). This information along with mandatory cutoff times and pacer information are located on the above Aid Station Chart document or on the Maps / Elevation page.

*note, You may have a drop bag at Penny Pines 2 but you will not have access to this drop bag at Penny Pines 1 due to a different location for Penny 1 and Penny 2 stations. Reminder, crews are not allowed to meet runners at Penny Pines 1.