Important Rules


Dropping litter anywhere on the course is strictly prohibited. Carry all trash to the next aid station and dispose of it in appropriate receptacles. If you happen to see a gel pack or other race related litter that was accidentally dropped, please pick it up for us and dispose at next aid station. This is good Karma and you will be rewarded for helping maintain a clean trail! Thank you!

Relieving Yourself:

If you have a "call of nature" relieve yourself off trail and out of sight. Bury and cover solid waste and toilet paper properly. There are bathrooms or porta potties at Lake Cuyamaca, Paso Picacho, Chambers, Sunrise 1/2, Pioneer Mail 1/2, Red Tailed Roost, Cibbets Flat and Meadows.

Medical Issues:

You are responsible for your own safety. We strive to have medical care volunteers during the run but they are not located at every aid station. We also do not perform weight checks. Do not expect to see doctors, nurses, or EMT's available along the entire course. In case of an emergency, we will endeavor to get local emergency personnel to an injured runner (or vice versa) as soon as possible, but due to the remoteness of the course, this could take hours. Many runners finish the course or drop out with bruises, scrpes, and blisters. This is an event with risks. Please thoroughly read the registration waiver and recognize it is up to you to make wise decisions with regards to how you feel and potential danger.

The race has liability insurance only. This is insurance to cover litigation over negligent acts and does not cover medical costs incurred by the runner. If you do not have medical insurance, we recommend you join USATF. This race is sanctioned and insured by USATF and members may be able to be reimbursed for medical costs (with a cap of about $6k) if the medical condition was not due to negligence on the part of the runner. For more information, check out USATF on line, all the information is on their web site.

Getting Lost, Cutting the Course, and Cut Off Times:

If a runner inadvertently gets lost or cuts the course, they are required to return to the point at which they went off course by their own means and continue the run from that point. If a runner does not return to that point or continues on after cutting a section of the course, they are disqualified (DQ'd). Runner's who do not make the mandatory cut off times as written on the Course Information Chart are also DQ'd. Do not argue with the aid station captain's decisions.....if he/she determines that it is unsafe for you to continue, that decision is final. Failure to abide with any of the rules or decisions of the aid station captain will result in you not being allowed to participate in any future SD 100, Cuyamaca 100k, or Noble Canyon 50K events.

Pets and Smoking:

For liability insurance purposes and permits, dogs are not allowed at the aid stations or start finish venue. Dogs are also not allowed on California State Park trails. It is the runner's responsibility to brief and inform your crew and or spectators of this restriction. Please make sure you and your crews abide by this rule.


Thank you for respecting and showing your appreciation to our VOLUNTEERS....they are here to help you on your journey and we could not stage this event without their selfless time and support. A simple "thank you" costs you nothing and means a lot to those who contribute to your run. If you know of anyone who would like to help work an aid station (even for a short time period, help mark or sweep the course, or help out at the finish line, we would love to hear from them....have them contact the RD.


All finisher's will receive their awards upon finishing the race. Sub 24-hour runners will earn the brass belt buckle and all sub-32 hour finishers will receive the bronze belt buckle. All finishers receive the embroidered race hoodie, finishers medal, and finisher's coffee cup.

Age Division winners will also receive awards. There is no formal awards ceremony but finishers and crews are encouraged to stay around the finish line to socialize and cheer on fellow competitors. We will have light food and refreshments throughout the early morning until the event closes at 2:00 pm on Saturday.

Sunrise / Sunset: Sunrise and sunset for June 9 is 5:37 am and 7:54 pm respectively. There will be a "full moon phase" but be sure to still have a good headlamp and or flashlights with extra batteries.


Sales for a 2019 free entry to San Diego 100 and numerous other Sponsor Giveaway Gifts to be selected at this year's pre-race briefing. Proceeds support San Diego Trailfit. Raffle tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.

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