LegTotalLake Cuyamaca to Paso Picacho 1
00Start at south parking lot of Lake Cuyamaca - head out the parking lot south with Lake to the left of you and run .2 miles where you turn 90 degrees right.
0.20.2Turn right and cross Hwy 79 picking up faint trail as you climb slightly on east on west side of Hwy 79 an then take a right on the Marty Minshall Trail.
0.30.3Turn right onto faint Marty Minshall Trail.
0.70.7Turn left at gate and follow the Sugar Pine Trail as it climbs upward to Middle Peak Road.
2.722.72Turn left on Middle Peak Fire Road for about 100 feet and then turn right to connect to Black Oak Trail
2.82.8Turn left on Middle Peak Road for a short distance and then bear right on the road.
4.14.1Follow Black Oak Trail until you come to 4 corners which is the intersection of Milk Ranch Road, and Middle Peak Rd.
4.154.15Peak Road and Azalea Springs Fire Road; go straight past gate onto Azallea Springs Rd
4.854.85Follow Azalea Springs Fire Rd until you come to Azalea Glen Trail on left and then turn left onto this trail
6.26.2Follow Azalea Glen Trail downhill til you come to intersection of Azalea Glen Loop Trail Signs, take left split
7.17.1Follow Azalea Glen Loop Trail til you come to park entrance road and take a left over to bathrooms (aid locale)
LegTotalPaso Picacho 1 to Chambers 1
07.1Leave the Paso Picacho Aid Station (by the bathrooms) and head towards Hwy 79 to cross over the Hwy 79
0.057.15Carefully cross Hwy 79 to pick up Stonewall Peak Trail
1.99Climb the Stonewall Peak Trail which switchbacks upwards - we do not take the trail to the very top
1.99At T-intersection where the trail goes left or right, turn left and head down the backside of Stonewall Peak Trail
3.410.5Follow trail down until you come to intersecting CA Riding & Hiking Trail Trail and turn right.
3.4110.51Immediately after right turn, stay straight on trail. Do not take Vern Whitaker Trail that veers to the right
3.710.8Turn sharp left onto Los Vaqueros Trail; you will cross the Stonewall Entrance asphalt road in .2 miles, then cross the road and continue straight on the Los Vaqueros Trail
4.311.4Turn right onto Marty Minshall Trail and follow it for just over .5 miles
4.811.9Turn left and go through gate onto the Fletcher Island gravel road and bridge
4.811.9After crossing the bridge, turn left on dirt road traveling clockwise on Fletcher Island
4.912When you come to a porta potty and picnic bench off to the left of the dirt road, veer left onto the trail, then right
5.312.4Follow the trail clockwise which is just on the edge of the lake until you come to gravel road on east side of the lake and turn left turn onto the gravel road. Take this gravel road for .2 miles over to Chambers Aid
5.512.6Chambers 1 aid station is located at the first campsite by the porta potties
LegTotalChambers 1 to Pedro Fages
012.6Depart aid station (by the campsite on the east side of the Lake Cuyamaca) just below Chambers parking and run across gravel levee road onto Fletcher Island to turn right at lake's edge and going counterclockwise on Fletcher Island lake side trail
0.112.7Turn right onto lake side trail going counterclockwise
0.3312.93Follow trail for .25 miles and veer left off of trail up onto dirt road. This turn is by the porta potty/picnic bench. Follow dirt road continuing counterclockwise around Fletcher Island
0.513.1Turn right and run across bridge on gravel road
0.613.2Cross through gate and take a left onto Marty Minshall Trail
0.9513.55Turn left on Marty Minshall Trail by the horse corrals
1.3513.95Continue straight on trail. Do not take right trail that goes up to Stonewall Mine
1.4514.05Cross asphalt road and continue on trail
1.714.3Trail comes to asphalt road, continue on asphalt for 100 feet and turn left onto California Riding & Hiking Trail
2.615.2At dirt road intersection, bear left onto Soapstone Grade Rd
3.616.2Turn left onto California Riding and Hiking Trail and follow trail for 2.4 miles to Pedro Fages aid at Hwy S-1
618.6Pedro Fages aid station is located on east side of Sunrise Hwy
LegTotalPedro Fages to Sunrise 1
018.6Cross Sunrise Hwy at Pedro Fages parking pad and pick up California Riding & Hiking Trail (CRHT)
1.520.1Follow CHRT for 1.5 miles and turn right on dirt road for 100 feet, go through gate, and turn right onto PCT
4.523.1Follow PCT for just shy of 3 miles until you come to the Sunrise Connector Trail, turn right for .25 miles to Sunrise aid station
4.723.3Sunrise 1 aid station is on the west side of S-1 hwy in the parking lot
LegTotalSunrise 1 to Pioneer Mail 1
023.3Leave Aid Station and head east crossing Sunrise Hwy to pick up the connector trail which takes you back to the Pacific Crest Trail
0.123.4Cross Sunrise Hwy
0.423.7Take a right onto the Pacific Crest Trail and head south following all signs to stay on the PCT. There are several side trails and turns but always stay on the PCT. There are frequent PCT signs
6.429.7You will come to an aspahlt road/parking area. Go directly across this road and pick up the PCT on the other side of the road. This can be confusing since you are crossing a parking area. Stay on PCT.
7.230.5Arrive at Pioneer Mail aid station which is located at the north end of the parking area.
LegTotalPioneer Mail 1 to Penny Pines 1
030.5Leave the Pioneer Mail Aid station at the north end of the parking area and take a left back onto the PCT within 50 feet. Stay on PCT the entire way to Penny Pines 1. Numerous PCT signs to help stay on course
3.9534.45Turn right at connector trail to take you out to Sunrise Hwy
434.5Sunrise 1 aid station is located just prior to crossing the S-1 Hwy. Aid is at the parking area.
LegTotalPenny Pines 1 to Todd's Cabin
034.5Leave Penny Pines Aid Station back on connector trail to PCT, then head south on the PCT. Follow PCT signs at all intersections
4.138.6Stay straight on PCT and do not turn right on Big Laguna Trail.
5.239.7Turn right onto small trail on the right that takes you .2 miles down to Todd's Cabin
5.439.9Todd's Cabin aid station; this aid station is located on a small connector trail to the Cabin
LegTotalTodd's Cabin to Red Tail Roost
039.9Leave Todd's Cabin and climb back up trail to PCT intersection; turn right and follow the PCT
0.240.1Turn right back onto PCT heading south. Stay on PCT. Do not take any side trails. PCT signs are obvious.
3.743.6Follow PCT for 3.5 miles until you come to Thing Valley Road, turn right onto Thing Valley Dirt road
544.9Dirt road comes to Sunrise Hwy (S-1), turn right on S-1 for 100 feet & cross road into Red Tail Roost parking
5.145Aid station is located at picnic tables just past the Red Tail Roost building
LegTotalRed Tail Roost to Meadows
045Leave the Red Tail Roost aid station via the trail sign at the west side of the parking lot. The trail splits within
0.0145.0110 feet of the start of the trail and you take the left trail (bear left)
1.846.8Turn left off of trail onto dirt road and head downhill
2.147.1Hairpin right turn on the dirt road
2.547.5Dirt road becomes single track trail
348Pass through metal gate and turn left onto the farthest left dirt single track trail (trail #6)
3.348.3Turn left onto trail #6 (Gatos Ravine Trail and start a moderate uphill climb on single track trail
4.6549.65Bear right at trail intersection onto trail # 3
4.849.8Turn left at fence corner and follow trail next to fence (trail #7)
4.9549.95Turn left and pass through fence onto trail #2
5.2550.25Bear left and follow trail #7
6.451.4This Trail takes you back out the S-1 Hwy. The aid station is on the near side of the gate and small bridge.
LegTotalMeadows to Penny Pines 2
051.4Aid station is located just off of S-1 Hwy trail access point
0.151.5Leave aid station and run trail for .1 miles and bear left at intersection going on the furthest left single track
1.853.2Follow Sunset Trail for 1.7 miles until you come to Lake of the Woods intersection trails
1.953.3Turn left in front of the lake and follow trail for .1 miles but then bear left staying on Sunset Trail
4.1555.55Come to intersection of Big Laguna Trail; take a left and follow Big Laguna Trail to Penny Pines. Do not take trail that says to Noble Canyon
5.156.5Intersect Noble Canyon Trail; take a right and run .1 mile towards Sunrise Hwy; aid station on west side of
5.256.6Penny Pines parking area
LegTotalPenny Pines 2 to Pine Creek
056.6Leave Penny Pines Aid Station and head west down Noble Canyon Trail
0.156.7At intersection of Big Laguna Trail; stay right and continue to follow the Noble Canyon Trail
0.256.8Bear right at intersection and follow Noble Canyon Trail signs. While on Noble Canyon Trail, you will cross an asphalt road several times. In each instance, cross the road and pick up Noble Canyon Trail each time on the other side of the asphalt road. Noble Canyon Trail has many signs.
5.962.5Cross a stream and bear left on the trail, staying on Noble Canyon Trail. You should see a small Noble Canyon Trail sign just after you turn left.
7.464After descending a rocky section on Noble you will leave Noble Canyon Trail by heading straight instead of taking a sharp left turn which is where Noble Canyon Trail continues. You will run straight on the trail for .3 miles to Pine Creek 1 aid station which is a dirt parking area at the top of a short climb. The .3 miles after leaving Noble Canyon Trail to the Pine Creek aid station parallels a stream which will be to the left of you.
7.764.3Pine Creek 1 Aid Station
LegTotalPine Creek to Pioneer Mail 2
064.3Leave the Pine Creek Aid Station and head up Pine Creek Road (asphalt road) which goes for 2.25 miles mostly uphill. CAUTION : .6 miles up the road from the aid station is a huge wasps' nest in a big tree on the right. Stay well to the left on the road and move very briskly beyond this location. Runners have been stung here and these bees are aggressive!
2.2566.55Leave Pine Creek Rd at the big tree and head straight onto dirt road #14SO4. You will pass a road gate that is open most of the year. You will also start downhill and cross another stream
3.868.10001Leave the dirt road and take a right on to Indian Creek Trail. This will start another long uphill
5.770You will come to the intersection of three trails at Champagne Peak. Take a left onto Pine Mountain Trail which will take you to Sunrise Hwy.
6.871.10001Cross dirt road and pick up Pine Mountain Trail on the other side of the road.
7.972.2Arrive at Sunrise Highway. Cross Sunrise and turn right on the shoulder and then left into Pioneer Mail parking area.
8.172.4Follow the parking area to the north where Pioneer Mail Aid Station is at the access to the PCT
LegTotalPioneer Mail 2 to Sunrise 2
072.4Leave the far end of Pioneer Mail Aid Station Parking Area by heading north onto PCT, and passing concrete horse trough within 100 feet of this leg. Stay on the PCT for 6.9 miles. Look for PCT signs at every turn and follow the PCT trail exclusively.
0.773.1Cross a cul de sac parking area and pick up the PCT 200 feet to the north.
577.4PCT crosses a dirt road. Take a slight left for 20 feet and turn right back onto PCT; do not follow dirt road, the PCT is single track trail.
6.979.3Leave PCT by taking a left at intersecting trail that says "to Sunrise Hwy"
7.179.5Cross Sunrise Highway and enter parking area that is the location of Sunrise 1 Aid Station
7.279.6Aid Station is at the northwest part of the parking area near the entrance to the trail.
LegTotalSunrise 2 to Chambers 2
079.6Trail begins at northwest part of parking area on the La Cima Trail. You will pass horse corrals as you leave the parking area.
1.180.7Trail crosses asphalt road. Pick up trail on other side of road. Very shortly after crossing road, (about 100 feet) you will come to a trail sign and intersection. This is a very important right turn.
1.1580.75Take a right turn onto the intersecting trail heading back to the east. This trail parallels Sunrise Hwy
2.682.2Trail turns to the left heading back to the west heading away from Sunrise Highway
4.984.5Leave single track trail and turn right onto California Riding and Hiking Trail dirt road
5.885.4Turn right at road intersection and follow sign that says Soapstone Grade Rd.
6.8586.45Turn right onto asphalt road and go 100 feet before bearing left back onto dirt trail. This is the Marty Minshall Trail.
7.1586.75Cross asphalt road, go straight, and pick up Marty Minshall Trail on the other side of road.
7.6587.25Follow Marty Minshall Trail until you come to horse corrals and take a right turn on the Marty Minshall Trail
887.6Turn right and pass through gate to access Fletcher Island; stay straight across the gravel bridge
8.187.7Turn left on the dirt road on the other side of the bridge and run clockwise on the road.
8.588.1Follow lake side trail clockwise around Fletcher Island until you come to gravel levee on east side of the Lake
8.688.2Turn left on gravel levee and run .1 miles to aid station at the first campsite just below Chambers Campround
LegTotalChambers 2 to Paso Picacho 2
0.188.3Depart aid station (by the campsite on the east side of the Lake Cuyamaca) just below Chambers parking and run across gravel levee road onto Fletcher Island at end of levee.
0.1888.38Continue straight on the levee road; the road starts to curve to the right.
0.2688.46As you approach the bridge, turn left and run across bridge.
0.3488.53999Cross through gate to the Marty Minshall trail (you will be turning right).
0.8789.07After passing through gate and take a right onto Marty Minshall Trail with Lake to the right of you. Follow Marty Minshall Trail for about .5 miles.
0.9489.14Turn left on Los Caballos Trail and follow Los Caballos Trail for a short distance to Los Vaqueros and bear left onto it.
1.1789.37Go straight across asphalt road and pick up Los Vaqueros Trail on other side of road. Follow Los Vaqueros Trail for about .2 miles.
1.4489.64Turn right onto California Riding and Hiking Trail (CRHT)and start up gradual hill.
1.4589.64999Turn left on Stonewall Peak Trail and climb up backside of Stonewall Peak.
1.789.89999Turn right and descent the front side of Stonewall Peak Trail. Do not go to the peak!
3.191.3Bear left and cross Hwy 79 just to the right of the Paso Picacho State Park entrance.
4.993.1After crossing Hwy 79 take the park trail to the right of the Park entrance that leads to the parking lot and bathrooms
5.193.3Aid station is at the picnic tables next to the parking lot and bathrooms.
5.193.3There is a water spigot for refilling while on training runs.
LegTotalPaso Picacho 2 to Lake Cuyamaca
093.3Leave aid station at bathroom facilities and go left from parking lot towards park exit but stay right (do not turn left to exit park at the kiosk) and pick up trail on right about .1 mile from aid station.
0.193.39999Take a right onto the Azalea Glen Loop Trail.
0.493.7Stay straight at trail intersection remaining on Azalea Glen Loop Trail.
0.693.89999Stay straight on Azalea Glen Loop Trail. Trail transitions to dirt from crushed gravel. Trail climbs and parallels stream which is just to the right of the trail.
2.295.49999Turn right onto Azalea Springs Fire Road and run to 4 Corners intersection in 1.3 miles, then cross Milk Ranch Road and go straight up dirt forest service road which was the old Black Oak Trail.
4.497.7Bear left onto the Middle Peak Road and run less than .05 to turn right and descend on the Sugar Pines Trail.
6.599.8At the gate (end of Sugar Pine Trail)take a right and follow the Marty Minshall Trail then take a left in .3 miles and slightly descend to cross over Hwy 79.
6.8100.1Turn left after crossing Hwy 79 and parallel the Lake (on your right) to the finish line.
7.1100.4The south parking lot of Lake Cuyamaca is the finish line.