Results 2004

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NameM/FAgeFinishCityStateGPPre Fin
 1Eric CliftonM4619:49:48M10
 2Keith BlomM4822:53:18M22
 3Tracy BahrF3223:13:30F11
 4Bill GraneyM4423:31:42M30
 5Denis TrafecantyM6223:41:42M46
 6Susan BaehreF4524:34:00F20
 7Garry CurryM5025:31:15M51
 8Russ KlineM4025:31:15M66
 9Mark MarcelliM4525:41:47M71
 10Michael PopovM2625:44:14M82
 11Dan KasperM4626:21:41M90
 12Jim GoodM4626:30:38M100
 13Rick HoopesM5027:00:53M111
 14Darren SefcikM3728:11:45M121
 15Richard HayesM5328:26:05M130
 16Wendy YoungF4828:43:13F31
 17Sam VoltaggioM5328:57:15M141
 18Hans-Dieter WeisshaarM6529:02:30M152
 19Andy KumedaM3629:06:46CAM1610
 20Paul CatesM6229:15:27M170
 21Phillip StarkM4429:17:15M180
 22Linda HurdF4229:31:30F41
 23Robert MurphyM4629:32:21M190
 24Jose WilkieM3829:55:59M200
 25Jeff BlairM4029:56:29M210
 26Edrie TottenF4430:13:33F52
 27Dennis LadnierM4030:16:45M220
 28Elizabeth BouquetF5230:22:54F60
 29Fred PollardM6530:35:04M231
 30Xy WeissF4330:35:04F72
 31Mary Lou LackeyF5230:44:10F81
 32Steve HarrisM50424:32:40M242


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