The SD 100 course covers 5 major areas: Mt Laguna Recreational Area, Pacific Crest Trail(PCT), Noble Canyon and Indian Creek Trails, Rancho Cuyamaca State Park and Lake Cuyamaca. Course Maps, Elevation Profiles, Aid Station Locations, Detailed Turns, Crew Access, Mandatory Cutoff Times, and Pacer Allowed Legs are located on the Maps / Elevation link to the left. Runners should be totally familiar with those sections that are bi-directional (course travels one direction outbound and then the opposite direction inbound). Pay very close attention to applicable course markings and review the overall course map so as to have the big picture of the course. There have been instances, of course, marking vandalism in past races. As such, we recommend carrying a copy of the course maps and/or detailed route directions for sections that you are unfamiliar with.

The SD 100 Course videos can be watched here.

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