How do I volunteer for the event?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the event and we, therefore, appreciate any offers to help. We have tasks that include course marking, sweeping, aid station helpers, registration, timing, post-race food preparation, clean-up and logistics roving. The race directors (Angela Shartel and BJ) are in charge of assigning and coordinating volunteer assignments. If you would like to help, please contact BJ or Angela prior to May 15, 2022, at: sandiego100rd@gmail.com to coordinate task assignments that work for you and the event. Thanks for volunteering.

Why do you have a website, Facebook Page and Twitter account for the event?

The race website contains all the information you should need to properly prepare for the event. PLEASE take the time to thoroughly review every page of the website and download applicable documents for you and your crews/pacers/supporters. Facebook and Twitter are used to communicate with other runners to share information like training runs, make requests for pacers, share transportation, coordinate lodging opportunities, etc.

Will there be a live webcast for the race?

Yes, we will use www.ultralive.net to post runners’ times as they pass major aid stations. These times will be delayed due to poor transmission from remote aid stations and internet connectivity limitations. The link for the live cast will be located on the website homepage: www.sandiego100.com.

Are the mandatory cutoff times at aid stations strictly enforced?

Yes, the runner must leave the aid station at or before the mandatory cutoff time. This is non-negotiable. Failure to abide by this rule will result in disqualification and will result in the runner being banned from all future San Diego Ultra Slam events.

What type of food and drink will be available at aid stations?

Aid stations will have as a minimum, water, electrolyte drink (Tailwind Nutrition), GU energy, coke, mountain dew, ginger ale, ice, electrolyte pills, fruit, salty food (eg chips, pretzels), cookies, sandwiches (PB&J), and some candies. Nighttime aid stations will have hot soup and hot drinks. Larger aid stations such as Pioneer Mail, Cibbets Flat, Meadows, and Sunrise will have more choices. We promise you will not go hungry. We will have vegan options at all stations. If you have special needs for your diet (eg, gluten-free, etc), please use your drop bags for your specific replenishment needs. Aspirin, Motrin, Advil or other medications are not provided at any aid stations.

What is the average temperature for SD 100?

The SD 100 course covers elevations of 3,000′ up to 6,000′ and parallels high ridges along the PCT. Typically for this time of year, the average temperature range is from the low 40’s to the mid 80’s. However, due to the low humidity, exposure on some sections, and the ever-possible strong winds, be prepared for near-freezing wind chill factors at night and hot daytime heat indexes.

Will there be any formal training runs on the course?

SD100 is organizing informal training runs. Please check recent emails from sandiego100rd@gmail.com for more information. The runs will be led by the race directors and will have both fast and slow-paced groups.

Can I have more than one pacer at a time?


Can I meet my runner somehwere other than crew access aid stations?


Are there showers at the finish line?

There is one outdoor shower that uses Lake Cuyamaca pumped water so you can use it to clean off near the finish line but the water will be cold! Swimming in Lake Cuyamaca is not allowed and is strictly enforced. You can also drive around the Lake one mile to the Lake Cuyamaca Chambers Campground, and there are two coined operated showers next to the RV sites that have hot water. The cost is 25 cents per 2.5 minutes of shower.

Is there a formal Awards Ceremony?

No, all finishers will receive their finisher’s medallion, belt buckle, embroidered finisher’s hoodie, finisher’s coffee cup and sponsor donated giveaways shortly after crossing the finish line. However, we highly encourage finishers, crews, pacers, and family to stick around at the finish line and enjoy watching others finish. There will be food and refreshments available until the last runner finishes.

If I have to withdraw from the event, can I transfer my entry or roll it over to the following year?

Anyone who notifies the RD on or before April 15 that they desire to withdraw from the race, is entitled to a 50% refund. After that date, all the awards, swag, venue costs, permit fees, etc are obligated; as such, there are no refunds after April 15.

Are trekking poles and music headphones allowed on the course?

Trekking Poles are allowed to be used but do not have them out the first mile of the course due to early crowding on narrow sections when runners have not yet spread out. Headphones are allowed but we request you keep the volume low or only use one earbud to allow you to be safe. Nighttime headphones are highly discouraged for obvious reasons.

Will there be aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin or any other pain relievers at aid stations?

No, Aid stations will not have any of the above pain relievers available to runners. If you carry your own, please be responsible and follow recommended dosages on the bottle. Ibuprofin can be very diuretic and affect your kidneys during strenuous endurance events, so be sure to drink lots of fluids throughout the event to minimize any potential issues with dehydration.

If I am competing in the Solo Division, can any spectators of mine meet me at aid stations just to watch and cheer?

One of the main reasons for the Solo Division is to reduce the number of support and pacer vehicles at crew-accessible aid stations. As such, Solo Runners will not be given a Crew/Pacer parking pass: hence, spectators will only be allowed to see their runner at the Start and Finish line if their runner is a Solo competitor.