SD100 training run update and trail work reporting (23rd March 2023)

Hi all,

Hope everyone is getting all their training in as things are starting to heat up! Well, not literally, but you know what we mean. We have all of our permits in and the swag is starting to arrive. And Training Run #1 is right around the corner. However, we’ve been getting some of the same questions from folks so wanted to provide a quick update. If you are familiar with the training run or not planning on the training run and/or know how to report trail work, you can sign out and play with your dog, cat or kid. Talk to you at Official Update 3. 


For the rest of you, yes, we have been getting tons of rain and even a good bit of snow in our mountains, but the training run is still a go. The last of the rain should be gone by Thursday AM, so that will give the trails time to dry out for our run on Saturday AM. However, there will be some stream crossings and some marshy areas, especially after coming down off Stonewall Peak, so expect wet shoes, at least for the first half of the run. Given the winds, it would be wise to expect some downed trees as well. We’ll have a better idea after we mark the course Friday night. 

Also, given the cool (COLD!) temps expected for the run, we are not going to set up an aid station at Chambers. Last year it was used by exactly 0 people given it is a half mile out and back to get to the station. However, water will be available at Paso Picacho at about mile 6. And there is plenty of water on the first half of the course if you are nervous about it and want to bring a filter.  

As a reminder, this is a point-to-point. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for finding a way from the finish back to the start. It is pretty easy to hitch a ride with someone at Sunrise at 6:30 AM or a bit later if you want to leave your car at the finish, or if you think you’ll finish mid-pack, to find a ride back to the start. Don’t be shy. But please plan accordingly. You will definitely want some warm clothes, etc. if you get to the finish without your car and have to wait to hitch a ride. If you let us know, we will have 2 or 3 seats available in our cars leaving no later than 6:40. Also, there is NO BATHROOM at the start, so do your pooping before at the bathrooms at the finish at Sunrise or elsewhere. There are bathrooms at Mile 6 at Paso Picacho. 

Critical turns will be marked. But your opinion of critical and our opinion of critical may differ, so it will behoove you to run with a map, GPX download, turn-by-turn directions, or a buddy that knows the way. We will briefly talk about the course in general before the start. There will be snacks and drinks at the finish, adult and otherwise, so bring a chair and a jacket and hang out after with your fellow runners for a bit when you are done. 


As for trail work, we are getting a lot of questions as to how to find the trail work form. As mentioned in previous updates, there isn’t one. We believe in the honor system. So just let us know you did it! Details and pictures aren’t mandatory, but we sure like to know what you guys are up to, so it is encouraged. Please make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get that done. 

That’s it. Hope to see a bunch of you on Saturday or the following Sunday for Training Run 2!


Angela and Bj