SD100 Letter 3 (10th April 2023)

Hi all:

Welcome to RunnerLetter number 3. Topics will include training runs, volunteer requirements and refunds!

Training Runs

Training Run number 1 is in the books and was a great success. If you like a good amount of snorkelling to go with your running. Those who were out there know what we mean!

Training run 2 (Pioneer Mail to Pioneer Mail loop via Noble Canyon) has been rescheduled for Sunday, April 30 starting at 7 AM. There will be an aid station if we have access at Hammer’s Hideaway at the bottom of Noble Canyon. We ran it this weekend, and there were a few deep crossings in Noble, so you can count on wet feet for that part of the run, even in a few weeks.

Training Run 3 is still on April 23, but it is going to be done in conjunction with the PCT 50, which had to cancel one of their training runs as well. We will do the loop from Red Tail Roost to Red Tail Roost traveling to Penny Pines via the PCT and then traveling on the SD 100 course from Penny Pines through Meadows and back to Red Tail Roost. The PCT 50 folks will be returning along the PCT where we will all meet up at Red Tail Roost. Should be a good time, and there will be an aid station at Penny Pines where SD 100 runners will be sent to cross Sunrise Highway and PCT runners will turn around. Looking forward to having folks from two great events running together. The Meadows section can be confusing, and while we are marking it the night before, it can be subject to vandalism. We would recommend running with someone who knows the course or with the turn-by-turn directions if you have any concerns. 

Training Runs 4 and 5 will be just as scheduled. You can check the Blog page on the website for prior communications and descriptions of those runs. 

As always, please remember that only critical turns are marked on these runs, and what is critical to you may not be to us, so you must be familiar with the trails, carry turn-by-turn directions, or stick with someone who knows where they are going. While we will provide limited aid at some of the runs, you are expected to be self-sufficient in case something goes haywire or our aid gets vandalized, etc. All runs will start at 7 AM, and we will have more reminders, etc. on our social media sites, so please follow us to stay completely in the loop or send us e-mails if you have any questions. 

Volunteer Requirements

Please remember that the race has a 6-hour volunteer requirement. We would prefer that this be satisfied through trail work, but race volunteering or volunteering in your community is just fine if you don’t have the opportunity to do trail work. IF YOU DO NOT PERFORM YOUR VOLUNTEER WORK, YOU RUN THE RISK OF BEING DROPPED FROM THE RACE OR PREVENTED FROM RUNNING ON RACE DAY.   That is no fun for anyone, especially us, so please don’t put us in that position. You can still donate $100 to the SURF Laguna trail work fund that sponsors a major trail work project undertaken by our local trail running club in conjunction with the USFS on the very trails you will be running in the race. You can go to the SURF page to make that donation. Just give us the heads up that you are doing it. 


We are different from most races in that we finalize our roster pretty early. OUR LAST DAY FOR A REFUND FOR WITHDRAWING IS APRIL 15. That’s coming up soon, so if you are having problems with your training or think you might be injured, you only have a couple of days to withdraw and still receive a 50 per cent refund. 

That’s all for now. Look for more in May as the race gets closer. Please train hard and train safe. We hope to meet many of you at the training runs and are looking forward to meeting the rest of you in June!


Angela and BJ

RD’s, San Diego 100